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Located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, MadWood Turnery is the enterprise of  craftsman and wood artist, Niels Madsen.

Niels is a proud first generation American. The oldest of three children, his parents emigrated to the United States from Norway and Denmark.

As a native of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, he grew up moments from the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, and old growth forests.  This environment nurtured his love for the outdoors; Niels, his wife Allison and their children, enjoy fishing, hunting, crabbing, and clam digging, escaping to the natural world whenever possible.

After careers that included; owning a garden center and feed store, commercial fishing off the west coast from northern California to Alaska, and construction, in 2010 Niels' life was about to make a bigger turn.

A journey to Scandinavia with his father brought him face to face with a long family tradition of artistic woodworking. Always inspired by the creations and handiwork of his father Jorgen, time spent with his Uncle Holger, a truly gifted wood turner, was the proverbial straw that motivated Niels to reach for the natural gift he possessed.

Presented with some modern tools from his Uncle, and antique tools that belonged to his Grandfather Marius, Niels returned to Oregon and MadWood Turnery became a reality.


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